Before you buy a house, or even a car, you always consider one important factor: How much maintenance will this require? If you don't have the time or money to maintain an older house, or a car with poor reliability, then you shouldn't buy it. The same is true for mobile application. Everyone wants to talk about how flashy they look and how much they'll help your company. But, the truth is, once you build your mobile apps, they need to maintained.

Plan for Updates

During mobile application development, and as early as the Strategy phase, our team is considering the proper balance of features and functions that should be included in an initial 1.0 release and items best held for future releases.

Improve Features Over Time

Improving features is also possible and desired based on the feedback you may be getting on the application. By planning to improve them over time, your application will get better and better.

Use Metrics & Feedback

Based on the feature improvement, you will probably want to introduce some kind of metrics analysis tool (such as Flurry) to understand which features are used the most and which are less useful.