At Organic, our goal is to stay on the cutting edge of emerging platforms by providing mobile application development services for new and diverse applications. We have this goal in mind when developing mobile web applications. We utilize some of the same styles of programming used for the developing of mobile applications. We also follow the same testing methodology employed for web development testing when testing our mobile applications.

Process, Tools & Techniques

Although the mobile application testing process is basically the same we understand mobile devices have different peculiarities that must be kept in mind when deciding which testing types to use for authentication. The testing types used are predominantly unchanged but we do utilize different testing techniques and tools. Ultimately, we know it's your users who pass verdict on whether your solution works as intended.

Functionality Testing

Functionality testing for the mobile application is black-box testing, includes the testing of controls, storage media handling options, and other operational aspects to assure that the application functions per the specifications.

Compatibility Testing

Compatibility testing assures the application works as intended with the selected device, operating system, screen size, display and internal hardware. We use a list of tools that simulate different devices, OS, screens, etc.

Interoperability Testing

Includes testing of different functionalities within the mobile. For instance we uncovered that iTunes and Pandora end the play of music when launching the Music feed. Interoperability testing had uncovered a major defect.

Automated Testing

Automated testing is achieved using an emulator and a performance testing tool. The test runs on the device itself and is controlled by the PC. Results are captured using the performance testing tool.

Database Testing

We check for data integrity and errors while editing, deleting and modifying the forms and all other DB related functionality. This is very important for all mobile Apps and done manually, without the use of testing tools.

ADA Compliance Testing

With mobile devices at an all-time high, there has been a surge of interest in developing applications that are in line with Mobile Web Best Practices (MWBP) and Americans with Disabilities Act requirements.