We deliver the mobile point of sale technology that enables merchants large and small to accept card-present payments from anywhere. We have also amassed a significant portfolio of products and services—that are available today—that enable NFC mobile phone payments. As retailers and consumers look to do more with mobility, they will turn to Fat Mac Tech to lead the way. We open the door to success at the payment hub and guide businesses to a bigger world of true mobile commerce.

Enjoy NFC SmartTags at home

Touch your home with NFC SmartTag to turn on Wi-Fi. Launch news & weather app. Or turn phone sound on. Bedtime? Touch the bedroom with NFC SmartTag to mute your phone. Turn on its alarm. Or turn off Wi-Fi.

Hit the road in an instant

Hop in your car and touch its Sony NFC SmartTag to turn on GPS. Or Bluetooth. You can even launch Google navigator. By using Android NFC tags you can start up one, two, all three tasks – or more.

NFC tags save you time

Busy? Do you want to save your precious time? Touch your office NFC SmartTag when you get to work. It'll turn on Wi-Fi, Bluetooth – or launch your Calendar app.