Design is Paramount

We have designed some of the most beautiful websites and Web applications on the Internet. All our websites have beautiful interfaces built upon the latest and strongest Web standards. Have a look at our portfolio page for another example of excellence in web design & user experience.

Mobile Is Next Web

Considered to the USP of our fantastic design team, We have worked on some of the most visually stunning iPhone designs available on the App Store today. From critically acclaimed in-house apps to client apps, the team of designers is incredibly discriminating when it comes to pixels.

Beauty Matters

Fat Mac Tech is a champion of excellence in application design for Mobile and the Web. We've designed critically acclaimed, best-selling applications, while some of our Rich Internet Applications have been featured by Adobe and leading design magazines for their elegant, effective interfaces.

User Experience

We never design in a vacuum. We'll work together to learn your business goals and project needs to design a solution that solves your needs most effectively. An application has to serve its purpose despite often unfavorable usage conditions like walking down a street, being jostled during a commute or passed around at a social gathering. When your users may have only a second to interact with your app, sensitive user experience design is critical.


User experience design for mobile platforms is a unique art which occurs at the intersection of hardware limitations, new interaction methods, and strictly limited usage contexts. Discipline is the only keyword in UX design for mobile.


Traditional websites are making way for web apps which can do much more than display static text and a few hyperlinks. When coupled with compelling mobile solutions, web apps let users do more on the go and stay connected.

Responsive Web

Responsive design for web is the ultimate solution to the ever-increasing variety of platforms. This website is a prime example — simply view it on your phone or change the width of your web browser to see perfectly executed responsive design.