The graphical user interface is where first impressions are made and users immediately start forming opinions about your project that turn into word of mouth and online reviews. We Creators designs gorgeous, easy to understand user interfaces to scale – from elegant, single-purpose micro-sites to powerful mobile or desktop class applications. Our international team of acclaimed interface designers ponders the placement of every last pixel, ensuring an end user interface that's not only a pleasure to look at, but also to play with.

Concept Sketching

Fat Mac Tech is a full mobile service development company that provides its clientele with various options. Whether your app is lean and simplistic or an advanced app with all the bells and whistles, Fat Mac Tech will bring your ideas from concept to completion.


At this stage, Fat Mac Tech's Mobile application development team focuses on fine-tuning and modifying the user experience. Meeting & exceeding user needs is essential. Wire-framing is one of the highest importance and it is the foundation for providing a successful Mobile App.

User Interface Design

After completing the wire-framing, Fat Mac Tech will have a good idea of how user engagement and screen flow will take place on your specific application. Next, the experts within Fat Mac Tech's UI design team will convert the wireframes into clean and attractive interfaces.

Device-Independent Design

With all the talk about responsive Web design, designers and coders are moving even further from the fixed pixel layouts of design's print-based history. We're finally thinking in terms of fluid layouts and expandable, interactive content. But when you get down to it, we're still thinking of the fluidity in terms of desktop, tablet and mobile sizes. We Keep in mind that we're not creating desktop, tablet and mobile websites. We're creating one responsive design.

Design in Planning

We believe the most successful web and mobile applications are conceived out of solid, well thought out strategy, elegant and well formed architecture, and beautiful, unique design. The design discovery prioritizes your business goals and serves as a roadmap for your product through the next phase of development.

Design in Engineering

Design excellence is built on the give-and-take between engineers, stakeholders, and testers. We incorporate change into tight design cycles for constant refinement, even once development has begun. Because there's always time for smarter design while developing a mobile application.