Bridging the Gap

We believe that cross-platform doesn't just mean different OS or screen size. Cross-platform means true mobility, with consistent user experiences across all users interaction with your product. By propagating the open-source toolkit from the development community, we hope to guide the evolution of mobile web development around our customer.
Our Android team has expertise in harnessing these capabilities to develop an extensive range of apps that range from simple standalone apps to complex enterprise level apps. We were the early adopters of Android development and our team is highly experienced in Java programming language and Android SDK/ NDK. The SDK comes with a few core applications that are very useful for Android app developers. Our developers have been able to innovate and use these core applications to simplify reuse of the framework APIs to develop cutting edge Android apps. Also they are well versed with the limitations of Android platform which helps them to find their way around with ease.

Android-Centric Experiences

When Android first emerged, most mobile applications were simple ports from iOS. Today's users demand more, and the operating system has refined its Android-centric attributes. Since Android 3.0, we've pushed to build for Android, never to port to it.

Think Outside the Pocket

Android isn't limited to phones and tablets. It can power everything from production equipment to a new consumer device you plan to bring to market. When you're ready to "think outside the pocket," we're ready to mold Android to the task

Fragmentation Is Freedom

If your enterprise wants to customize iOS, they can't. With Android, we can modify the source code to match it to your needs. Fragmentation gives us the freedom to create and customize Android to our will.