Numbers tell the most interesting stories

You have developed a great mobile app but what next? Are your users using the app? How much time are they spending? What are the pain points for your app users? Are your users performing your desired action while using the app? These questions remain unanswered for most mobile apps unless you have a proper mobile app analytics in place.It is critical for the success of any application or game to have enough information about the usage patterns. This is helpful in improving the product and making decisions that can help align it better to the business objectives.

The power of mobile marketing measurement

At Fat Mac Tech, we've worked on a wide variety of mobile app analytics packages as well as developed custom made analytics application for some of our clients. Depending on the nature of the mobile app or game, the requirement for tracking information could be very different from one app to other. Also, for certain more sensitive applications, clients often prefer custom developed analytics over out-of-the-box app analytic for security reasons.

Harnessing the deluge of data

We have substantial experience in implementing mobile app analytics as well as developing custom mobile analytics frameworks for applications as well as social games. Developing a mobile app analytics platform requires considerable technical skill besides a solid understanding of the business to identify the metrics that actually matters and then present them in a way that facilitates decision making.