About us

Leaders in Mobile Solution Consulting

Perfect understanding of the mobile technology, well-complimented by rich experience across all the major enterprise verticals and the capability to deliver end-to-end business solutions, makes Fat Mac Technologies the mobile consultant of choice across industries.In a short span of time, we have the satisfaction of being one of the leading names in enterprise-level app development space with complete authority in integrating people, processes and products with customized, avant-garde and cost-effective mobility solutions.

Becoming the new standard

We were one of the one of the leading companies to work on analytics around user behavior. Today, our understanding of how applications are used and shared is unmatched. There's a wealth of data out there, and we believe it should be accessible by anyone, anywhere, at any time — in ways that enable companies to make smart business decisions. We're expanding into multiple platforms, and will soon offer access to insights for the entire web.

Measuring the next generation of the Mobile-Web

The Mobile/Web is constantly evolving, and so are we. We continually test boundaries, finding new ways to analyze how people are connecting, using and interacting in applications. We've built a crew of highly talented individuals with diverse backgrounds who bring unique perspectives to difficult problems. Our investors are excited by the solutions we're uncovering — and we're just getting started